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North American highway carriers have processed over 10 million eManifests using our service


BorderConnect is a technology leader in eManifest software. Highway carriers throughout North America have processed over 10 million eManifests and counting using our service.


We make it our priority to provide affordable, smart, and reliable solutions to the complex problems our clients face when crossing the border.


BorderConnect is designed to help you cut down on errors on your eManifests, saving you from costly fines at the border. Our software is continually updated to make sure you get the best service possible.

BorderConnect Timeline

Take a look at the evolution of BorderConnect.


May 2004

BorderConnect Founded. Based in Windsor, Ontario, BorderConnect develops a PARS tracking service using Release Notification System.

July 2004

BorderConnect's PARS tracking solution continues to grow in popularity. Using BorderConnect to connect highway carriers to the Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA) eliminates calls to customs brokers, prevents penalties and provides visibility carriers otherwise wouldn't have. This popular solution will grow to help hundreds of companies by 2006.


April 2007

ACE Manifests mandated by Customs and Border Protection (CBP). BorderConnect develops an ACE Manifest solution focused on fast data entry in response. With an innovative user interface, it allows companies to create eManifests much more quickly than CBP's ACE Portal. This solution has grown to be an industry standard used by thousands of companies.

May 2007

BorderConnect introduces 24/7/365 Manifest Processing Service and Support for carriers. This allows hundreds of carriers to meet the demand of processing manifests for ACE and later ACI, and to recieve the timely support they need at any time.


June 2009

Customs Consulting Division Founded. Specializing in software solutions for highway carriers allows us to focus our resources on the customs problems facing trucking companies. BorderConnect makes a commitment to organize and simplify the way truckers handle vital international compliance issues with the introduction of our Customs Consulting Division. With over 50 years of combined customs experience BorderConnect's consulting division has saved highway carriers millions of dollars to date in potential fines and penalties.

November 2011

Canada Border Protection Agency (CBSA) introduces ACI eManifest Program. BorderConnect responds with one of the first ACI eManifest Software Solutions, providing customers with the familiarity and user-friendliness that they were are to with our world-class ACE eManifest service. BorderConnect also uses its existing RNS support to streamline PARS tracking for ACI eManifests, providing a complete solution to process and track Canadian-bound shipments with ACI eManifests.


January 2012

1,000,000 ACE Manifests transmitted in BorderConnect

November 2014

BorderConnect offers eManifest API for connected software. With the growing demand for dispatch and fleet-management software for carriers, BorderConnect provides a simple solution for fleet management and other business software to connect to BorderConnect, streamlining eManifest data entry for ACE and ACI.


June 2015

1,000,000 ACI eManifests transmitted in BorderConnect

March 2019

U.S. CBP changes the process for U.S. In-Bond shipments where highway carriers must now electronically report in-bond shipments. BorderConnect releases an easy-to-use U.S. In-Bond Manager where carriers can now track their in-bonds as well as electronically arrive and export in-bond shipments quickly and easily.


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