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Cross Faster With BorderConnect PARS Tracking

BorderConnect's PARS software uses CBSA's Release Notification System (RNS) and is designed to help you track all of your Canadian-bound shipments easier.

Print, Fax or Email Leadsheets

Easily print barcoded ACI eManifest leadsheets or send them directly from BorderConnect to drivers on the road.

Combine RNS PARS Tracking with ACI

BorderConnect uses CBSA's Release Notification System so you can get up to the minute notifications on your ACI shipments.

Quick Proof of Release Access

Always have your driver's Proof of Release on hand. Proof of Release for all RNS shipments are generated automatically and are always available.

Free 24/7 Live Support

Trained ACI eManifest specialists are standing-by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Always speak to a real person.

Your customer service is outstanding, and eManifest software is top notch.

—  Mike McInnes, International Parcel Service

All Your PARS On One Screen

All Your PARS On One Screen

Easily see all your shipments at a glance. BorderConnect provides all your PARS information in a single clear, easy-to-read screen so you don't have to waste time searching. If you've created an ACI eManifest, you'll also have access to trip and shipment statuses in addition to the wealth of information provided through the Release Notification System.

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One-Click Proof of Release

One-Click Proof of Release

Have easy access to the proof you need that your drivers have crossed. BorderConnect's Proof Of Releases for PARS shipments is generated directly from CBSA, and can be used as legal proof that a shipment has crossed the border. Never have to worry about finding stamped paperwork due to customs disputes.

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Send Warehouse Arrival Certification Messages

Send Warehouse Arrival Certification Messages

BorderConnect helps Canadian Sufferance Warehouses report the inland arrival of in-bond shipments. Easily send electronic Warehouse Arrival Certification Messages (WACM) to CBSA using RNS and view detailed information on all of your WACM messages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the common questions regarding RNS PARS Tracking

Why do I need PARS tracking if I use ACI eManifest already?

RNS PARS tracking adds an additional element of visibility for your Canadian-bound shipments. RNS PARS tracking helps you get CBSA shipment updates such as declaration accepted messages with transaction numbers. It also helps you by having the ability to print proof of release documents to provide to CBSA.

Is the first month really free?

Yes! You can sign up for a 30 day FREE trial of BorderConnect today! It's risk-free and there is absolutely no financial obligation. After your free month's trial, we'll call to see how you've made out.

What do I need to register for PARS tracking with BorderConnect?

All you need to start tracking your Canadian-bound shipments is a valid Canadian carrier code.

How long does it take until I am registered to use PARS Tracking with BorderConnect?

After you register with PARS tracking, you'll receive an RNS application that you will need to sign. After that we will send it to CBSA and in approximately 10 business days you'll start receiving shipment updates in BorderConnect.

Can I use the proof of release documents from BorderConnect?

Absolutely! The proof of release documents printed from BorderConnect are recognized by CBSA and can be used in audits and fighting AMPS penalties.

How long does BorderConnect keep records of my released PARS shipments?

Indefinitely! BorderConnect PARS tracking keeps details of accepted and released shipments for as long as you've started getting PARS shipment updates with BorderConnect. Easily search for historical shipments and bring up all your old shipment details and print proof of release documents at any time.

What is WACM?

Warehouse Arrival Certification Messages (WACM) helps Canadian Sufferance Warehouses report the arrival of in-bond shipments arriving inland to a location within Canada. Messages are transmitted using the Release Notification System (RNS). Using this system also provides detailed WACM responses from CBSA, and is the sole method used by Sufferance Warehouses to report arrivals of in-bond shipments.

What if I need help with the software, or my driver is stuck at the border?

No sweat! You can call one of our sales and support agents 24/7. We'll walk you through whatever issue you're dealing with, and get your driver moving quickly!

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