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eManifest Processing Requirements

Find out what's required in order to use BorderConnect's 24/7 eManifest Service

Video: How to fill out BorderConnect fax forms.

eManifest Processing Requirements

BorderConnect’s eManifest Processing service provides the ability for customers to fax or email their eManifest details to get processed and sent to customs for them. Many carriers use this as their primary method of filing eManifests. Others use it as an after-hours service. The intent of this guide is to provide you the basics about eManifests, as well as provide some of the best practices when using BorderConnect’s eManifest Processing service.

eManifest Processing Details

BorderConnect’s friendly eManifest Specialists are fully trained on the procedures involved with ACE and ACI eManifest.

  • BorderConnect’s 24/7 eManifest Processing Centre processes approx 8,600 ACE and ACI eManifests a month.
  • BorderConnect support agents also support thousands of companies who rely on BorderConnect’s eManifest portal and API customers 24 hours a day.
  • BorderConnect’s average eManifest processing time is 6.1 minutes. This may fluctuate based on when we receive the paperwork and how much data is needed to process the manifest.

6.1min processing time based on 2017 and 2018 averages for over 220,000 manifests.

Getting Started

To register for BorderConnect eManifest Processing click here to sign up.

  • Enter your company details and verify your email. Once that’s been done a sales representative will follow-up with you in 1 business day or less. Or call BorderConnect.
  • If you have a valid SCAC code you can start using our service for ACE eManifest immediately.
  • If you have a valid Canadian Carrier Code we will send you the documents needed to complete the process with CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency). Once you’ve been approved by CBSA we will activate your account and inform you. This process typically takes 2-5 business days until you can start using our service for ACI eManifest.

Information Required for ACE

BorderConnect ACE Manifest Fax Form

Carrier Name required
Unique Trip Number required
Port of Arrival required
ETA required
Truck required
Trailer required
Driver/Team Driver/Passenger required

Driver/Team Driver/Passenger Travel Document Requirements:

  • Commercial Drivers License Passport/US Passport Card
  • Enhanced Drivers License NEXUS Card
  • FAST Card Valid US VISA Card
For more information on approved WHTI Documents visit:

ACE Shipment Requirements

Unique Shipment Control Number required
Shipment Type required
Shipper (Ship From) required
Consignee (Destination) required
Commodity Information required
Hazardous Materials Details required if hazardous

Information Required for ACI

BorderConnect ACI eManifest Fax Form

Carrier Name required
Unique Conveyance Reference Number required and must be different from PARS number
Port of Entry required
ETA required
Sub Location/Warehouse required if going In-Bond
Truck required
Trailer required
Driver/Team Driver/Passenger not required

For more information on what’s required for ACI eManifests visit:

ACI Shipment Requirements

Unique Cargo Control Number required and must be different from CRN (Trip Number)
Shipment Type required
Sub Location/Warehouse required if going In-Bond
Shipper (Ship From) required
Consignee (Destination) required
Commodity Information required
Hazardous Material Details required if hazardous

Tips and Common Mistakes To Avoid

Include driver or dispatch phone number on the fax form.

  • If BorderConnect is missing information, or info needs to be clarified we must be able to reach someone in regards to the information on the fax form.

In ACI you must wait 1 hour after your eManfiest has been accepted by CBSA.

  • CBSA has initiated a zero-tolerance policy. To find out when you will be cleared to cross you can contact BorderConnect 24/7.

Make sure to send paperwork to the customs broker first, and make sure they received and processed your entry.

  • Brokers can take hours to process entries. Verify the broker used the correct shipment number and that the entry is certified by customs before you cross.

In ACI you must provide a barcoded lead sheet or cargo control number to the officer at the border.

  • If you do not provide a barcoded CRN or CCN you may be at risk for penalties. A lead sheet can be requested simply by providing a fax back number or email on your fax form.

Print legibly, or use the digitally fillable .pdf fax form.

  • If incorrect data is entered, or data is missing, delays and penalties may be assessed by CBP or CBSA.

In ACI, the Trip Number must not be the same as the PARS number.

  • CBSA requires the CRN (Trip Number) to be unique, and it cannot match any existing Cargo Control Number (ie PARS number).

Always call to confirm the paperwork was received by BorderConnect.

  • Please provide adequate time for BorderConnect to receive your fax or email. BorderConnect uses multiple fax servers and it could take up to 10 minutes for BorderConnect to receive the paperwork.

If you are unsure of something or have questions. Call BorderConnect.

  • Many mistakes can be avoided or resolved with a quick phone call to one of our support agents. BorderConnect can be reached 24/7.

Have More Questions?

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