ACE Manifest Requirements

Learn what's required in order to cross commercially into the U.S.

ACE Manifest Requirements

The Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) is U.S. Customs and Border Protection's electronic manifest program. It is intended to facilitate trade while strengthening border security. Since 2007, highway carriers have had to comply with ACE Manifest requirements when bringing goods into the United States by filing an ACE Manifest at least one hour prior to arrival at the border. For more information on ACE guidelines, you can refer to the BorderConnect ACE Manifest Software User Guide or for the ACE Data Portal, refer to the CBP ACE Manifest Training Resources from U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

ACE Program Overview

ACE is the backbone of CBP's trade processing and risk management activities and provides a single, centralized access point to connect CBP, Partner Government Agencies (PGAs) and the trade community.

ACE Requirements for Trucks

Under ACE Manifest regulations trucks must ensure that BOTH the ACE Manifest and the entry number by the customs broker (for PAPS shipments) are on file with CBP for at least one hour prior to the driver's arrival at the border. Failure to do so could result in delays at the border, refused entry into the U.S. and/or an penalty action.

For more information on CBP Penalties Program:

ACE Manifest Arrival Requirements

ACE Manifest Arrival Requirements

When arriving at the border in the United States, the driver must present customs paperwork (ie customs invoice and/or Bill of Lading) with a legible trip number or shipment control number. Although CBP officers capture the trip information from the truck licence plate, a PAPS barcode and/or barcoded ACE lead sheet can expedite the border processing time and also helps the officer to bring up the ACE Manifest in their system.

The officer will then verify the information is correct, and it is their discretion to move the driver to secondary inspection or not for further verification. CBP officers do not stamp paperwork upon release of the shipment, and the only way to prove that a shipment was released with CBP is to use a signed proof of delivery document.

ACE Manifest lead sheets can be generated from within BorderConnect, either from the manifest or as a set ahead of time. The carrier can also design and produce their own lead sheets. Learn More.

Shipment Release Types Required for ACE Manifest

The following shipment types are used for goods entering United States via highway carrier:

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