BorderConnect is used by many of the top cross-border highway carriers

Find out who uses BorderConnect and what they're saying about us. Some of our customers have been with us for over two decades and counting.

Knight Transportation eManifest Customer
Erb Group eManifest Customer
Canada Cartage eManifest Customer
John Deere eManifest Customer
Load One eManifest Customer
Fiat Chrysler Transport eManifest Customer
Landmark Global eManifest Customer
Thyssen Krupp eManifest Customer
CSA Transportation eManifest Customer

The simplicity is what I like best about BorderConnect. Companies should be using BorderConnect yesterday!

Troy Ritger CSA Transportation eManifest Customer
Troy Ritger
Operations Manager, CSA Transportation
Seaboard Transport eManifest Customer

Because of BorderConnect our whole cross-border trucking operations run much more efficiently.

Erin Williams Seaboard Transport eManifest Customer
Erin Williams
Dispatcher, Seaboard Transport

What Our Customers Are Saying

Bill Holt from Oakley Transport has been using BorderConnect for nearly 10 years. He rarely calls and asks for help with eManifest issues, but he was kind enough to let us know how much he enjoys our software and service. Thank you for your kind words Bill! It's been a pleasure helping you and the great people at Oakley Transport for all of these years!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Javed from B2B Freightway is someone we met a trade show in Toronto back in 2010. He is one of the nicest people you can meet and has processed more eManifests than anyone can imagine. Thanks to you and the incredible team at B2B Freightway. It's been a pleasure helping you cross the border for over over 15 years!

Steel Pro eManifest Customer

BorderConnect is very easy to use and extremely user-friendly. And their customer service is always there.

Tom Meade Steel Pro eManifest Customer
Tom Meade
Operations Manager, Steel Pro
Arnold Brothers eManifest Customer

The service you get is incredibly helpful. We are very satisfied, especially if we run into problems.

Victor Krysowaty Arnold Brothers eManifest Customer
Victor Krysowaty
Dispatcher, Arnold Brothers

What Our Customers Are Saying

Mahir only recently started using BorderConnect as a dispatcher for BH Xpress. He was very impressed with how easy it was to navigate the system and process an eManifest in BorderConnect. It was a pleasure helping you. Thank you for being a wonderful customer!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Tijana used to use another eManifest portal before using BorderConnect. Now she's happy she made the switch to our software and it just so happens that green is her favourite colour, so she loves the branding as well. Thank you for your kind words and enthusiasm Tijana! You and the team at IK Trucking rock!

Load One eManifest Customer

I love that all of my ACE and ACI eManifests are all right in front of me on one screen.

Anthony Cartagena Load One eManifest Customer
Anthony Cartagena
Operations Manager, Load One
Woodcock Brothers eManifest Customer

BorderConnect eManifest portal is designed very straight-forward. And their support team is very knowledgeable.

Kalynn Tyshenko Woodcock Brothers eManifest Customer
Kalynn Tyshenko
Dispatcher, Woodcock Brothers

What Our Customers Are Saying

Amanda from Canada Cartage has recently started using BorderConnect and found our software very user-friendly and easy to process eManifests. She also shared how easy it was to add company data for drivers, trucks and trailers and she even completed an eManifest in real time!

What Our Customers Are Saying

In 2021 Rubin from Invictus Transportation signed up to BorderConnect and hasn't looked back. He found BorderConnect simple and very predictable to use without the overly complex user-interface of other eManifest software. He also shared how wonderful our customer service was and how BorderConnect provides the best logistics customer service he's every dealt with. Thanks Rubin!

Infinity Transportation eManifest Customer

Filing In-Bonds from Mexico to Canada is so simple using BorderConnect. Saves us a ton of time!

Alvin Sana Infinity Transportation eManifest Customer
Alvin Sana
Compliance Manager, Infinity Transportation
G&D Trucking eManifest Customer

BorderConnect makes the border crossing experience as smooth as possible.

Dane Couture G&D Trucking eManifest Customer
Dane Couture
Owner-Operator, G&D Trucking

What Our Customers Are Saying

Ed Krizan was one of BorderConnect's first eManifest processing customers and been a customer since 2007. He faxes his paperwork to us for our eManifest team to process on his behalf. He loves that we always process his eManifests on time and accurately and never has any issues, even sharing how BorderConnect goes above and beyond sometimes to help him. Thanks for being a great customer!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Tesa from Gulf Marine has been using BorderConnect QP electronic In-Bond filing for a couple of years now and was so surprised how much time and effort she saved that she left us a testimonial. She shared how much time and money she saved since switching to BorderConnect and how easy BorderConnect QP In-Bond filing was.