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ACE Manifest for the U.S. (CBP)

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Simplify The Way You Process ACE Manifests

Simplify The Way You Process ACE Manifests

BorderConnect's ACE Manifest software is designed to help you process eManifests for CBP quickly and easily.

Print, Fax or Email Leadsheets

Easily print barcoded ACI eManifest leadsheets or send them directly from BorderConnect to drivers on the road.

Combine with ACI and PARS Tracking

BorderConnect is your one-stop service for everything eManifest related. Manage ACE, ACI, PARS, and more all from one place.

Fast Data Entry

BorderConnect's intuitive quick-assign feature helps you find what you're looking for, and saves you time when entering ACI data.

Free 24/7 Live Support

Trained ACE eManifest specialists are standing-by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Always speak to a real person.

eManifests are so quick and easy to do. Whatever you're doing, keep doing it!

—  Brian Hobday, Lee River Transport

Simple ACE In-Bond Features

Simple ACE In-Bond Features

Make working with ACE In-Bond shipments a breeze. With BorderConnect you have access to all the tools you need to easily create and manage your ACE In-Bonds shipments. Send arrival and export messages directly to customs right from within your shipment in BorderConnect.

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Intuitive Company Management

Intuitive Company Management

Always have the most up to date information for your company at your fingertips. Adding or updating any information you need to make your Manifests is easy. SCAC codes, trucks, trailers, drivers, and your Manifests can be updated when needed and are all saved indefinitely. Never worry about losing your information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the common questions regarding ACE Manifest

Do I need to do an ACE Manifest?

If you are taking a commercial shipment into the U.S., CBP requires that an ACE Manifest must be submitted electronically.

Is the first month really free?

Yes! You can sign up for a 30 day FREE trial of BorderConnect today! It's risk-free and there is absolutely no financial obligation. After your free month's trial, we'll call to see how you've made out.

What do I need to register for ACE Manifest with BorderConnect?

All you need to process ACE Manifests with BorderConnect is a valid SCAC (Standard Carrier Alpha Code) with National Motor Freight Traffic Association.

How long does it take until I can start submitting ACE Manifests?

Once you're company is registered with BorderConnect, and your SCAC is valid, you can start processing ACE Manifests immediately, with a free, no obligation 30-day trial!

Is your software easy to use?

Of course! We designed our software with the user in mind. We have many additional features within our software, such as quick-assigning drivers, trucks, trailer and shipment details. Fax or email leadsheets to drivers and more! What takes up to 10 minutes in the CBP ACE Data Portal, takes 1 minute in BorderConnect.

What if I need help with the software, or my driver is stuck at the border?

No sweat! You can call one of our sales and support agents 24/7. We'll walk you through whatever issue you're dealing with, and get your driver moving quickly!

If I use the shipment upload feature, are they counted towards my monthly shipment total?

Yes they are. Once a shipment is created in BorderConnect, and it's been imported into an eManifest, it will count towards your total shipment volume, regardless of if the eManifest was processed or not.

Do I need to do an ACE Manifest if I'm crossing empty?

Although it technically isn't required to submit an ACE Manifest when crossing empty, we have started to see that specific ports are requiring carriers to process an ACE for empty loads. As such, we recommend filing an ACE Manifest when crossing empty.

Are You Ready To Use ACE Manifest?

Learn the requirements and the history of ACE Manifest for CBP.

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