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eManifest Service Provider Guide

Learn How To Use BorderConnect as an eManifest Service Provider

What is an eManifest Service Provider?

This guide offers instructions on using BorderConnect as an eManifest Service Provider. Using BorderConnect as an eManifest service provider helps customs brokers and border consulting firms manage ACE and ACI eManifests for highway carriers. It is also possible to offer eManifest software with your branding to self-filing carriers, using BorderConnect's white-label eManifest portal.

An eManifest Service Provider is any company that files eManifest data with customs on behalf of multiple highway carriers.

Registering With BorderConnect as a Service Provider

Registering as a service provider

If your company doesn't already have an account with BorderConnect, go to and click Sign Up Now. When choosing your Account Type during the registration use the drop-down menu to select the option eManifest Service Provider then, finish entering your company and user details and finish the registration.

After you have verified your registration and account via email, a BorderConnect representative will follow up within 1-2 business days and discuss your options, and if you require a white-label eManifest portal.

eManifest Service Provider White Label Portal

As a BorderConnect eManifest Service Provider, you have the option to have your own branded eManifest portal for your customers to use.

After BorderConnect sets your company up as a service provider we can get started with your white-label portal set up.

What We Need to Get Started

White label portal example

Your branding style guide. (this includes brand colours, logo and the URL to your companies website.)

Advantages of a White-Label Portal

There's no development investment. BorderConnect provides its own platform as an eManifest portal, so no software development is needed by third-party companies to develop their own eManifest portal.

Tailored To Company Brand

BorderConnect uses your branding and stlying for an eManifest portal login page and eManifest portal as if the portal belongs to the service provider.

Using BorderConnect API as a Service Provider

BorderConnect's API provides a simple way to exchange eManifest related data. This helps service providers and business software to send and receive eManifest data from Canada Border Services Agency and U.S. Customs and Border Protection. All eManifest data is encoded as JSON (Java Script Object Notation), which a simple text-based format. The connection to BorderConnect API uses WebSockets, known for it's easy-of-use, flexibility and performance. For more information on how BorderConnect API works, or to read the BorderConnect API guide, click here

Adding New Companies

As a BorderConnect eManifest service provider, you can easily add new companies that want to register with you. A service provider can add companies in two ways.

Registering a New Company

To register a new company, navigate to the top right, under the Account menu option and then click 'Register New Company'. From the Register New Company page, enter the company details and user account credentials, then finish the registration.

Have Company Register Themselmves

The second option to add companies is to have them register themselves using the external registration form provided on the service providers site, using the white-label portal. The company registering simply needs to enter their company and user details. Once the company is registered, the service provider will follow up with them to activate their account.

Managing Company Profiles

Service Provider administration section

Managing company profiles and switching between different companies is very simple and user-friendly. All service providers can use the Change Company box on the top right of the screen and switch companies by typing in the name of the company or by typing in the Carrier Code or SCAC (Standard Carrier Alpha Code). An added feature is the ability to change company by truck unit number, driver name and more.

ACE And ACI Fax Service Listing Page

As a service provider you have the ability to manage and view ACE or ACI eManifests for multiple companies in one location. Using the service provider administration section on the top right of the page allows you to switch between ACE Fax Service and ACI Fax Service easily using the buttons provided.

From the Fax Service listing page you can view and manage all of the eManifests for multiple companies that were created by you as a service provider.

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